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  In the afternoon of May 18.2019,Guangzhou Light Source Electronics Technology Limited Carried out an outdoor expansion activity themed as "condensing heart and gathering strength to win the future." in Baiyun Lake,guangzhou.Throught the development of the activity,it enhanced the cohesion of the staff and the overall cohesiveness,established the positibe communication,mutual trust,unity and cooperation among the staff,cultivated the team consciousness,and increased the sense of responsibility of the staff.    

    The first game is the hula hoop passing game, the game with six people in a group, each time two groups compete with each other, the team members cooperate with each other to pass the hula hoop, the first team to win the game, and good teamwork is a magic weapon to win and hula hoop transfer activity not only exercises the body, but also strengthens the teamwork spirit, improves the trust between colleagues, and also makes everyone feel the importance of cooperation and communication, laying a good foundation for future work.Of course, there are victories and defeats, and the losers are punished with a certain number of push-ups and squats on the thumbboard.


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    The second is the fun of the hands and feet of the game, the game is extremely testing the coordination ability of participants, need hands and feet flexible and use.Through this game, we fully realize that this is also the case with work. Everyone in the team is not only an individual, but also a link in the chain. Only by maintaining coordination and cooperation at any time can team members efficiently handle various types of work tasks.


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    The game of coin clipping brings the atmosphere to a climax. Participants are required to hold the coin with their legs together and drop it into the cup without using their hands.This game needs every team member's serious efforts, do their own job, that is to contribute to the team, because every coin put into the cup is to accumulate success.The combined efforts in the game are full of the spirit of cooperation among colleagues, the strength of the team, and the infinite creativity and fighting spirit.


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    Carefully designed team-building games arouse everyone's strong interest and enthusiasm. In the process of overlapping game experience, team members win one victory after another with their common cooperation.This activity not only enhanced the cohesion of yi guang lian employees, but also cultivated the tacit understanding between each other, promoted the sense of cooperation and exercised the team spirit.In the future, we will also help each other in our work and work together to better complete the team's work.

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    Every month,  Guangzhou Light Source Electronics Technology Limited will hold various staff activities, such as basketball games and tug-of-war games, to improve the teamwork ability of its employees.At the same time, yi guang lian advocates a healthy and positive way of life and work, encourages its employees to be aggressive and constantly challenge themselves, and carries forward its cooperative spirit of striving and enterprising.


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