Happy Children's Day!


Happy Children's Day!

   Every year on June 1, is the annual international children's day, the establishment of the children's day is mainly to oppose torture and poisoning of children and protecting the rights of children.

    The origin of the international children's day, and occurred in the second world war during the liche massacre.German fascist guns on June 10, 1942.He killed more than 140 male citizens over the age of 16 and all the babies in the village of kylidice, and took women and 90 children to concentration camps.Houses and buildings in the village were burned down.After 1949, the persecution of the countries revealed the anger of imperialism and reactionaries.

    The crime of killing children was denounced at the international democratic women's federation in Moscow.In order to maintain the world's children's right to survival, education and other rights and interests, the meeting decided that June 1 each year as the international children's day.

  After this meeting, countries also put their own countries set the children's day all changed to the world unified international children's day, the time is also.It's on June 1 every.

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